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Victoria Kaye: : Postgraduate Associate
MA in Art, Media and Design by Project

My work is informed by an enduring fascination with current debates concerning consciousness and the questions they raise - in particular, how can the physicality of my brain give rise to the subjective world created?

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What is really going on inside our heads? Why is my experience different from yours? Nobody knows though scientists and philosophers continue the struggle to understand:
    'Each one of us is trapped within a point of view. I can't ever get inside your head, and you can't ever get inside mine.'
    Daniel Dennett : Philosopher and Cognitive Scientist.
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Abstraction, colour, pattern, repetition and texture all have a part to play in my work and, via drawing - both as a tool of reflection and a means of expression – I am calling on signs and symbols from a number of sources including medicine, geometry, text, visual illusions and op art to create a personal abstract language with which to try and communicate the singular experience of self.