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Exhibitions supported, curated by or involving
ACiD or it's members will be listed here as and when they become available. Occasionally an online version of ongoing exhibitions will be accessible from this page. This may include sound and/or video recordings in downloadable formats as being representative of a given exhibition.

Over time an archive of exhibitions will be developed and stored here along with catalogue facismiles as appropriate and any other related items.

'Cross the Heaven's River'
Yusaku Fujiwara & Chiaku Kurumizawa
Hengrove ArtGym
Hengrove Art College
Bristol UK

13th - 23rd June 2006

An Exhibition of drawings and artworks by two japanese artists, Yusaku Fujiwara and Chiaku Kurumizawa, organised by John France and ACiD.
    'The Milky Way, a river made from stars that crosses the sky, separates two lovers, Orihime (Vega) and hikoboshi (Altair). Every year they are renunited
    across the river.

    At the festival of Tanabata in Japan people make a wish. Traditionally we wish for the sky to be clear so the two lovers can cross the Milky way. Our wish
    this year is for peace.
Queen's gallery
British Council
New Delhi

6 - 17 October 2003
'Markers' was the inaugral exhibition of ACiD hosted and supported by the British Council in India during 2002. It was followed by a series of lectures at the British Council Gallery in New Delhi.

Below is the introduction to the exhibition information published in India.

    Drawing remains a key area of practice and debate in both art and design education and in the practice of many artists and designers.

    ACiD holds as a primary purpose, the promotion and development of best practice in drawing. This is by the facilitation of exhibitions, publications, seminars
    and conferences. It acts as a focal point for all art and design disciplines represented in the Faculty; Fine Art, Graphic Design, Illustration, Applied Arts, Textile,
    Fashion, Animation and Media. It is also exploring the development of links with the disciplines of Architecture, Education and Engineering. The Drawing
    Research Group therefore intends to support the full breadth and depth of practice, research and teaching related to drawing within the context of foundation,
    under-graduate, post-graduate and professional practice through the work of academic staff and visiting practitioners. ACiD does consider drawing activities and
    related debates across a spectrum that includes both traditional approaches such as Life Drawing and the range of uses associated with new technologies.

    In recognition of the well-established depth and breadth of interest in drawing demonstrated over many years by the Faculty of Art, Design and Media, we have
    recently appointed Deanna Petherbridge as the Arnolfini Professor of Drawing in collaboration with the Arnolfini Gallery which is intended to build on the
    international reputation of particular Faculty staff in the area of drawing. Building on this the Faculty has recently been awarded the necessary funding for the
    Evelyn Williams Drawing Fellowship for 2003-04 and the Henry Moore Fellowship in Drawing (2003-05).

    The DRG is therefore providing a focus for creative and theoretical developments related to contemporary drawing practice. It also seeks to make an increasingly
    International contribution to the understanding and practice at all levels. This exhibition, initially formulated as a link between the College of Art, New Delhi, is part
    of this process. An exchange of ideas and debates in one of the most vitally alive areas in art and design.

    The staff and students selected for this exhibition are, in one form or another, engaged with drawing, teaching and research at UWE. We intend the exhibition to
    reveal the many faceted commitment to this particular activity current at this moment in time.

    John France
    University of West England
Particpating artists were:
Amanda Wood, Alistair Radcliff, Iain Biggs, Paul Gough, Peter Simpson, John France, Deanna Petherbridge, Richard Anderton, Nigel Hurlstone, Linda Meakin, Brendan Reid, Kate Dukes, Mark Dunhill, Lloyd Rowe, Yvonne Buchheim and Sheron Hemming.